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OCTOBER 26-27, 2002

With the arrival of the 2000 KTM380 for Keith's new scoot there was much anticipation for our second ride of the season. It was an unusual wet morning in Las Vegas as we had just received some light showers overnight that continued into the morning. We started off just on the outskirts of Las Vegas and followed a quick power line trail with plenty of opportunities to catch a little air to Indian Springs. There we fueled up and headed toward Lathrop Wells for our second gas stop. We experienced more power line trails, a single track horse trail, multiple fence crossings requiring us to drag our bikes under the barbed wire fence, and even a couple miles of roadside bottle dodging. At about 70 miles into our ride we hit the gas station in Lathrop Wells and couldn't resist the $5.00 pitcher or beer and some chicken fingers. Soon we were back on the trail headed to the Armagosa Dunes a mere 15 miles ahead. Upon reaching the dunes Keith promptly wanted to see how the 380 would handle climbing the sand and set off to conquer the nearby dune. On his second attempt he got nearly 3/4 up the dune where the 380 died. He was forced to walk the bike down the dune and make a diagnosis that there was little to no compression exhibited by the 380 concluding that it was dead. There we were, 90 miles away from where we started, several miles from the closest road, broke down in the sand where it was nearly impossible to push the bike. Luck was with us that day as although we seized a bike we were fortunate enough to meet and be rescued by a very cool guy with a Hummer and mostly empty trailer located a few hundred yards from the point of seizure. He was kind enough to take us and the bikes all the way back to our point of origin that day.
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SEPTEMBER 14-15, 2002

DesertMX began the second season off with it's worst start ever. We had plans on covering more than 300 miles over the weekend of September 14 and 15th but ended up covering less than 60. Mechanical problems with the DR put our patience to the test, and a flat tire on the KTM just proved the first ride was a bust. These problems lead to reduced riding and increased alcohol consumption. The only good news is we found a new route that promises to be a fun for our second ride of the season.
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