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  Tech Tips

Maintenance and Upgrades

As we endeavor into our journeys across the Nevada desert there is always some form of necessary and unnecessary maintenance or upgrades we are performing to the machines and equipment which allow us to discover the answers to ...where does that trail go? Here you will find several stories and be able to track the process of how the riders and the bikes are holding up.


KTM gets  speedometer / odometer 29 March 2002

How fast were we going? How far did we travel? Those are some of the questions we now have answers for when aboard the KTM. Read all about the installation of the Panoram computer. What is suppose to be a simple three step project that took Doug more than 6 hours to install.

Bleeding Brakes Easily 17 April 2002

Bleeding Brakes can be a real pain, but it doesn't have to be. With some commonly available household items it can actually be quite simple. Check out how Keith turned some tubing, electrical tape, a water bottle, and a small hose clamp into a handy brake bleeding tool.

The Workshop 18 April 2002

You might think all you need to work on bikes are tools and some space, but if you’re like me, and hammers are your favorite tool, you are wrong. What you need is a comfortable room, with plenty of lights, a little bit of furniture, and a refrigerator to hold your favorite chilled beverage. Take a tour of the workshop Keith has created.

Damn DR Seat 1 August 2002

See what it take to get the DR seat to stay on when we ride after the factory design fails. Again we tap into a low cost modification that should stand up to the abuse the desert can dish out..

Soft KTM Seat? 17 August 2002

The factory KTM seat is hard. Too hard for my ass, especially after a 200 mile adventure across the desert. Why buy new seat foam when with a little effort you can convert that factory 2x4 to a tolerable saddle.

New Top-End 13 November 2002

It is time for that annual top-end replacement on the KTM 300MXC. After covering well over 1500+ miles it was time to replace the piston and rings before they let go and left us stranded. Warning this article is a large file (2MB) with lots of pictures.

Power Valve Cleaning 13 November 2002

It is a good idea to clean the power valve parts when performing the top-end replacement. If this process is not performed eventually you can count on a stuck power valve. This is an illustrated write up showing the disassembly of the power valve. Warning it is a large file (1.8MB) with lots of pictures.

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